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Calais – “Seeing It All” (Video)

Australian Indie Rock band Calais, releases a live session singing the acoustic version of their “Seeing It All” song. In this video you can feel the emotional energy the song creates as Calais allow their fans to feel as if they’re experiencing the music from the comfort of their own living room. Comprised of Tim Lollback (Vocals), Joseph Fleming (Guitar), Guy Stacey (Synth/Guitar), Liam Roberts (Bass), and William Mogg (Drums) — the band came into their earliest incarnation in early 2013, heavy with influences from bands like Coldplay and Kings of Leon. As they grew and developed a fanbase in Brisbane, so did their sound, eventually morphing into glistening, modular synth rock sound that incorporates grungy guitars and coquettish pop. Check out the video above and comment below:

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