Coach Tev – “Class of ’82” (Audio)

Check out the track “Class of ’82” by Coach Tev, an artist out of Texas. Tev has seen steady success in his previous 2 tracks this year as they combine for 80K streams on Soundcloud. However this new record is much more abrasive thaN his previous releases and littered with daring content such as “F*ck a black president if he can’t get our rights up / we gon’ run up in the oval office b*tch and light it up”. Produced by the homie (who asked to not be mentioned for personal reasons) and featuring B.Anderson, “Class of ’82” is created by a roster of artists who all claim University of North Texas as their alma mater (anonymous producer – 2015, B. Anderson – 2015, Tev – 2016); and the chemistry couldn’t be any stronger. Think, raunchiness of an HBCU step show, mixed with the social awareness of the #BlackLivesMatter meeting that took place just 3 hours before.

Check out “Class of ’82” and comment below:

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