Delaire – “Loving You” Feat. Arun (Audio)

North London artist Delaire shares her new single “Loving You” featuring R&B singer Arun. This track’s alloy of thoroughly contemporary production with a classic 90s R&B sensibility, mirrors Delaire’s informative childhood growing up in a bustling North London home with a musician/roadie father. Delaire describes her process of creating this song by stating “I wrote this set of lyrics a few years ago, and then they sort of sat in the notes on my phone just resting for a while. I wrote them after meeting a guy on a night out and just being pretty infatuated with him, tbh. You know when your day dreams sort of run away with you and suddenly you have planned your whole life together…. Then I went for a writing session with my mate and he started playing these beats which were much harsher and heavier than I am used to working with so I just threw them on top and it worked really well. The lyrics seemed to soften the music, and vice versa.” Check out “Loving You” about and comment below: