Gold Dash – “Feel It Now” (Audio)


Originally from the east coast, Gold Dash was brought together during the two members studies in Nashville, TN. Camden Moser and Timothy Swierzewski create the indie electronic duo’s unique sound in their independently built studio 15 minutes from the heart of the city. In 2015, Gold dash gained notoriety as a Jersey Club DJ act. After the release of their single “love U” on Autograf’s Future Factory imprint, they found themselves wanting to branch out of the “Club” music they had inadvertently pigeon holed themselves into. After dedicating 9 months to the build out and use of their studio, they are excited to bring their Citrus EP to the world. The first taste of the forthcoming project is “Feel It Now” a feel-good indie rock single that sounds heavily influenced by Tame Impala and The Gorillaz. heck out “Feel it Now” Below: