Joshua Luke Smith – “Heart Of Man” (Video)

Check out Joshua Luke Smith as he drops a video for his “Heart Of Man” song. Joshua Luke Smith, a 25-year-old wordsmith and philosophy graduate from the UK, wants to use his voice and his art to ‘cut through the chaos’ and speak ‘hope and freedom’. His new song “Heart Of Man” deals with a timely subject – he explains “This last year has been mad, unsettling and distressing at times. We feel divided, isolated and at war with our neighbour. This song is both a lament and moment of reflection. A call to lay down the stones, gripped in our palms, readied to throw at the first person who speaks against us, our tribe or belief. We shape the world around us by shaping the world inside of us, everything flows from the heart. My hope is this song helps to slow us down, to help us step into this year fully here, present, with hearts full and ready to love.”

Watch “Heart Of Man” and comment below: