Olivia Penalva – “I Choose This Love” (Audio)

Canadian born artist Olivia Penalva, releases her newest single, “I Choose This Love.” Olivia continues to thrive with hopeful vitality. The enthusiastic, anthemic love letter is alive with a bumping electro-pop beat and an unforgettably dynamic melody. A track about allowing love to be your escape from the painful realities of life, Olivia sings each word with a playful spirit that truly captures her dreamers aesthetic. With a declaration to choose love over pain, she croons, “When the pain is as deep as the ocean/ if the waters rush over our heads/ when the hurt won’t stop like waves in motion/ I’ll hold you in the flood.” Olivia has found a niche in the world of daydreamers and love-fueled anthems, and “I Choose This Love” is no different. Listen to the track above and comment below: