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Solomon Bullet [Interview]


Solomon Bullet is a dope artist out of Richmond, VA. Bullet has a unique sound, as can be heard on one of his successful tracks like Amber Rose.” TWEAKHEAVY asks Solomon Bullet a few questions in order to get a better feel for the artist. Check out the interview below.


Where did you grow up?
“My mom lives in Richmond, VA and my dad lives in Louisville, KY, so I split my time growing up between the two cities. But I spent the majority of my childhood with my mom in Richmond, VA.”

Opinion on music coming out of hometown?
“I think the music coming out of my hometown is great. We have some excellent artists here. It’s just we, as a city, have to band together and push artists forward if we want to make a lasting impression on the game.”

How long have you been making music?

“I’ve been making music since ’07/’08. Most of my early music is actually
lost somewhere on MySpace and on an old memory stick that you can slide in a
phone! Hopefully, someone will find it and put it out there so I can hear
it again.”

Who, if anybody, would you say influenced your sound?
“That’s a great question. I grab a lot of my influences from Kanye
West, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, & Travis Scott. They have really paved the path for artists to be as open or as versatile as they want when it comes
to the creative process with music. That’s something I really respect when it comes to my own work.”

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Artist you want to work with in the future?
“I have a plethora of artist I would like to work with in the future but just to name a few– Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Juicy J, Lil Yachty, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Junny, & Hotboy Flock.”

One of your hottest songs is “party” featuring Yohannes. How did you
two link up?

“Ha that’s a great record! Yea, Yohannes and I had already been friends prior to the record being made. We were in Atlanta together for the A3C fest at the time. We ended up making the song in the hotel one random night with @RonOilers creating the beat as we were completing the song. Great vibes.”

My personal favorite is your “Amber Rose” track. Would you say Amber
Rose is your celebrity crush?

“Haha, she is definitely one of them. I have about 3 celeb crushes: Amber Rose, Kerry Washington and Lupita Nyong’o.”

Do you think she has heard the song?

“I don’t think she’s heard it yet, but when she does hear it, I’m really hoping for some positive feedback from her. I meant for the song to support women’s choice to live whatever type of lifestyle they want or to do whatever they want, and I think that’s something she would connect with. So as soon as she does hear it, her opinion will be very important to me.”

What are you working on now? Will we see more videos from the mixtapes?
“I released a 10 track mixtape Titled V8 in March, and following that, I released a 4 track mixtape titled Summer Street Style: American Psycho May 28th via Souncloud and Both projects are doing well and receiving great reviews. To answer you question about videos, my team and I are currently working on completing videos for V8 specificallybecause we know we have some fans who would like to see great visuals to compliment the outstanding songs on the project.”

Can we expect another mixtape soon?

“As long as I’m alive you can expect another project, song, or visual from me in the near future. I’m always working to give my viewers and listeners the best musical and visual experience possible.”

Are you looking to sign a deal or go the independent route?

“Me signing a deal depends on how much creative control the investor is willing to give and the amount of money being offered to help me gain the most exposure possible. Until that investor or company comes along, I’ll stick with the independent route.”

Check out Solomon Bullets projects below:

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